This is me getting my junk together and embarking on a new level of detail, previously unattained in my life.  This blog focuses mainly on circuit bending, mods, and general electronic tinkering.  I use the word tinkering because of the method I use to fix and mod things.  I have no formal training, just an interest and a screwdriver and a brain that is so crammed with useless knowledge, it is sure to be useful.

Are you a girl?  Why Mallory2000???

Mallory2000 is a combination of a couple of my heroes in a way.  We have the lovely Justine Bateman who played Mallory on Family Ties (an early crush) along with Gary Numan’s use for his robot heart.  The 2000 actually comes from Chris Elliot (the comic genius) in his Get A Life series where he uses it to denote “from the future”.  I based some of my early life on Parker Lewis and Elliot’s teachings.  Sorry, I’m a guy-and married- so no fantasizing over my crappy life of bathing, having scantily-clad pillow fights, and electronic repair.  It is not that glamorous 😦

I am pretty lazy about posting and even lazier about taking pictures of my projects as my Olympus camera sucks and eats batteries like it is going out of style.  That is probably my first hack I’ll post then.

1)If your digital camera constantly eats batteries and you get sick of taking them out everytime like you live in a 3rd world country, then try this trick for portability at least.  Open the camera battery door and see the batteries.  Tear a piece of thin cardboard or paper or even electric tape and put it over the battery ends and close the battery door.  Voila!  No completed battery circuit means no juice lost.  To take a pic, gingerly open your battery door and yank that paper out and close back.  Pretty sweet, eh?  No?  It is a pain in the butt, but it keeps a camera that is worth $5.00 US out of the dumpster and gives it a purpose outside of stun gun lol.  If anyone would like to donate a >5 MP digital camera, I would appreciate it and it would find immediate use filming the death of the Olympus lol.

Gonna be getting things organized in the next couple of days so check back for a diarrhea like series of posts after that, depending on my level of frustration with my current projects 😉  I’m stuck here in the great state of Michigan while “that wife of his” finishes her PhD, so if you’re near the A2 area and want to hang out or talk shop, give a holler 🙂